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        Ute Fan

        I’m really liking our current situation at RB.  First, we have three guys that appear capable of a 100 rushing yard game.  Second, one guy isn’t having to carry such a massive burden.  I think this was a factor last year as to why we faded a bit…Booker was overworked.  This isn’t a problem now.  Each of these guys can get 5-15 carries a game.  If there’s a hot hand, run him more that game.  Third, we have different kinds of talent in the backfield.  You need speed, go with McCormick, or even Fulks on a jet sweep.  You need power?  Shyne can provide that.  You need a guy who can be a workhorse in the trenches, Moss looks like the man.  Finally, these guys are all young and developing.  The most experienced guy, McCormick, is only a junior.  We’re going to get this entire backfield back next year, and a few of these guys could be here for years to come.

        This was an area of concern that seems to be coming together nicely.  And, to imagine, the heir apparent to Booker is not even playing anymore!  Who would have thought that could have happened and that mass panic did not ensue?

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        Best news of all, they seem to be able to hold onto the ball!

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        Ute Fan

        SJSUs rush defense is insanely bad. While I like what we have brewing, and am optimistic about a Rapido/Moss/Shyne 3 headed snake, im going to keep my expectations low. They have a lot to prove still

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