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  • Utah Utes Fan Board


    Business Trip.

    Hope to see you all in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/San Jose/Middle of Nowhere Bay Area at rush hour…. Can’t wait for this thing to be moved to Las Vegas…. GO UTES!!!!

  • Tony

    When it moves to vegas I’ll definitely road trip it every time. By the time I looked at flights from here in SLC they were $1100. 

    • UteManX

      That is insane. I luckily need to go, but friends of mine booked it about a month ago when United and Alaska air had sales, they were about $60 each way. When other friends tried to book it was the $1100. That is way too much. Vegas will  be cheap for all schools to fly too, even if on Allegiant air, and of course a quick drive for 5 of the teams. It will be a nice change…. Also less chance of poor weather.

  • Itacoatiara22
    2 1

    Holding out hope for Rose or better.  Will be going to either the Rose or the CFP if they make it for sure.

  • Utahute72

    Or you can fly into Sacramento on Thursday for $488. There are about six airports within driving distance to Santa Clara and the fares vary a lot.

  • Utahute72

    I think our bowl possibilities are down to three, Rose, Peach or Alamo.

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      If Ohio St finishes with the #1 seed, there’s a chance the #4 team will wind up in the Fiesta.  The Peach Bowl will go to whoever plays LSU.

    • Central Coast Ute

      Cotton isn’t out of the picture if the Utes lose the CCG

  • concerned

    I read we could also get an at large bid to the Cotton Bowl against the Group of 5 opponent. No?

    • Dante Guardi

      thats kind of reserved for Bama

      • Nick

        Bama will probably play in the Sugar Bowl against Big 12 runner-up… depends on where Georgia ends up ranked after this week.

    • Utahute72

      Only if the big boys don’t want to chance losing to a G5 team, then they will relegate Utah to that game.

  • PhiladelphiaUte

    Attendance will rise significantly once the game gets moved to Las Vegas.  And it’ll even be given another bump should the league opt to move this game to a Saturday.