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The Bills have built a good defense in Buffalo. Star Lotulelei has been a part of that on the interior and will be starting again at tackle this year. Good chance Moss joins him on the other side of the ball as RB1 at some point this season. Eric Rowe has had his ups and downs but looks to be starting at Safety in Miami. Jaylon Johnson has a great shot to start on a good defense in Chicago, im seeing that in a lot of places.

Marcus Williams wil maintain his spot as one of the best Safetys in the league, of course. Our media doesnt seem to care about that at all… I know a lot of Seahawks fans are clammoring for a way to get Blair on the field more. He is on his way to a starting spot. Big year for him. Barton will see his snaps there as well. Orchard and Tim Patrick will play roles on their teams. Dont be surprised if Blackmon creeps into a main role relatively soon…I wont be. Obviously Alex would be starting had his leg not almost needed removal. I think this is the year we see Hansen get some run in New Orleans

  • Rick

    But, but, but…what about Taysom Hill?  It’s been over 3 days since the local media has said anything about his backup role for the Saints and I am just clammering for an update!  

    • Utah

      Hill isn’t the backup. Winston is.

  • dystopiamembrane

    Go, Bills.

    • Tacoma Ute

      Bill’s vs Bucs is going to be a great SB.