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This schedule is structured like video game levels. Love it.

  • Charlie

    Interesting that the league decided to do away with the rivals games the last week. For Utah, they finish up with the southern division runner up, and then a rematch of the CCG. For Oregon, they finish up with Stanford the last placed team in the north then the rematch. Utah goes from easiest to most difficult, Oregon has a more balanced schedule throughout. I would have expected a bit earlier start with more weeks at the end to play postponed games assuming someone may have more than one. These changes could lead to less return to the usual schedules.

  • dystopiamembrane
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    Yeah, the game formerly known as the Civil War is Week 4 now. Interesting.

    • CB_Ute

      So the civil war?

      • UteThunder

        The Civil War is racist and any reference to it must be abolished.

        • bopahull

          I served on the USS Robert E. Lee. I guess that now that makes me a racist.

          • UteThunder
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            According to leftist cancel culture, yes, yes it does.

            • dystopiamembrane
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              What does rightist cancel culture look like?

              • Utebeam
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                There is no cancel culture for the right. Never has been never will be.