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  • Utah Utes Fans


    Utah Brand recognition is very much alive……

    When you hear a consensus on Gameday say they are leaning towards Utah winning because of Coach Whittingham and then say “Utah brand over USC brand” is a good feeling ,win or lose, we continue to get the pub the University has battled for and deserves. 

    Go Utes!

  • UteBacker

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of pundits picking Utah tonight, especially with the number of players we lost to the NFL and this being our first game. They definitely believe in the Utah system…

    • Utesbyfive
      6 4

      I’m not sure they really understand how much we lost on defense. It’s hard to replace all that NFL talent. I’m sorry, but I expect us to lose. I’m really hoping our offense looks good.

      • LetItRide

        That’s not the point of my post. Win or Lose …..the Utes have been dubbed a high elite brand even though there is no game film and they mentioned losing 9 players on D and Moss….Huntley losses.

        They know. They love Whittingham and the program/system. The respect is there.

        • Utesbyfive

          I understood the point of your post. I’m glad we’re getting respect.