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Utah getting lucky?!?

Ok, ok, ok, I know I’m talking crazy here, but hear me out. We have OSU, UCLA and Washington coming up.

Here the lucky part:

OSU is a good team to get some limited reps in for our offensive players. McCormick, Moss, Patrick, etc.

we “should” beat them. Especially with them cing off their win over Cal. Cal beat us. It may be easy for them to get a tiny bit over-hyped for the game.

Thats luck #1. OSU beating Cal, celebrating too much, and maybe not being quite ready for us.

Luck #2:

Rosen going down. UCLA has WSU this weekend. If WSU can take it to UCLA, does that team quit on Mora?

Do do they come into Utah with three conference losses, out of the race, and maybe paying more attention to So Cal ladies than the game?

Then comes Washington. Washington is good. Really good. But, so are we. And we are a TON more battle tested than Washington.

And Washington doesn’t have the size or talent of USC. We can beat Washington.

Maybe, just maybe, we are a little luckier than we think.

Or or maybe I’m just a homer. Lol.

  • 89ute

    I’m a homer too, hard to disagree with you. But, every damn Pac-12 game is a war. OSU is going to be a battle. UCLA, even with a backup QB is going to be a war. I love this conference! Every game is a playoff game.

    After all wreckage this weekend the Pac-12 Pick’em is outta control.

  • Utahute72

    We have to win next week to ensure we get bowl eligible. After that it’s a crap shoot for a win. Oregon at home is probably the best shot. But UCLA, ASU and CU on the road are iffy at best. And Washington at Home is a huge mountain to climb.

  • Actually, the schedule has turned against us. We have UCLA, ASU and CU on the road, the latter two are tied with Utah for the PAC-12 South. If Rosen is done, then UCLA is finished and that should be a win. ASU and CU on the road will be the tough games. We get UW and Oregon at home. UW will be tough to beat and figuring that will be a loss. Oregon should be a win as they’re no longer the power house they used to be.