Three Pac-12 QB’s among the Heisman favorites…

None of them named “Rising”???   Utes will face another Heisman favorite in Gainesville…

Florida’s Anthony Richardson among Heisman favorites.

  • younglurch

    Let’s be honest, given their prior body of work, Bryce Young and CJ Stroud are head and shoulders above everyone else. But leaving the 1st team all conference PAC QB off your list seems like a major oversight. Cam easily has the potential to play himself into the 1st or 2nd round this year.

    • PlainsUte

      Agreed, but Cam’s not even a 40-1 longshot like Slovis, now at Pitt?  Jaxon Dart is 18-1!!

    • Ute Dub

      Compare Stroud 4,400 yards 44 TD 6 INT to Rising 2,400 yards 24 TD 5 INT. Bryce Young 4,800, 47, 7

      • D T

        What were Dart’s stats?

        • PlainsUte

          His stats were good despite USC’s losing a lot of those games.   Statwise Rising is better, esp TD/INT Ratio.

          6 games, 1353 yds, 9 TD 5 INT QBR 132.

          Here is a link

          Dart Stats

          Rising in 2021 was 13 games, 2493 yds, 20 TD 5 INT QBR 146.7

          Rising Stats

          So Rising should be 15-1, or something like that, if Dart is 18-1.

          The article references one sports book’s odds, so maybe the gambling types on the board can find Rising odds somewhere else, or possibly there was an omission in the transcription from the book to the SI article.

          • ironman1315

            +8000 same as Nix. 

  • Northendzone Ute5

    😆 🤣 Bo Nix is mediocre at best.

  • Trailgoat

    Rising just needs to do his thing. Half or of the players on this list will fall off as the season plays out. Looking at the list, it’s about the shine of the school as well. To be fair, Utah does not do a very good job promoting their players or program nationally since Meyer left. Not KW’s style and Harlan is more focused on preparing himself for the next promotion. Urban Meyer and Chris Hill did a great job promoting Utah and the Utah players nationally when the iron was hot. Alex Smith earned his recognition and Meyer had a lot to do with getting Alex recognized.

  • Rick

    Beyond the top 3, this list is pure garbage.