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Do whatever it takes…

To watch The Drive tonight on Pac-12 Networks!

  • Hockeybeard

    The Drive: Pac-12 Football

    Airs tonight 7PT/8MT

  • SouthJordanUte

    I’m excited. Does kind of suck that it’s a shared show with OSU. Not really interested in seeing them at all.

    • JDub1942

      It will be good because it will show the difference between a lower tiered and an upper tiered team, hopefully we are upper tiered by the end of the season anyway.

    • THEeyepatch

      It’s gotta be kinda interesting to you with two former Ute coaches at OSU? Plus you have a team what some people think is on the rise and a team that has taken a step back.

      • Puget Ute

        The Beavs have THREE former Ute coaches, don’t they? Andersen, Sitake, and Ilaisa Tuiaki.

        • Hockeybeard

          And a handful of Utah recruits/targets from last year.

        • THEeyepatch

          I completely forgot about Ilaisa Tuiaki, good catch.

          • Puget Ute

            That was a big loss. He was a great coach.

    • UteStuckInSeattle

      I don’t doubt that the pairing of Utah and OSU for this season is on purpose BECAUSE of the coaching connections.

      Built-in drama.

  • JDub1942

    I cant even tell you how excited I am for this. I have been wanting this since the first season of “The Drive”

  • Ute Bc

    Very excited. Also, Gary needs to work on his mad face…He looks confused.

    • FormerUteSax

      I think he looks drunk

  • javadave

    Why does GA’s nose always look like he’s been drinking?

    • UtahSig

      Uh, because his nose?

      • 89ute

        Common symptom of alcoholism

  • UtahSig

    The Drive on at 8? I have Comcast and it is showing “One on One” at 8 and Women’s Volleyball from 8:30 to 10:30 then the Drive. W.T.F?

    • JDub1942

      Watch it on the xfinity app, pac12now app, or pac-12.com

  • Homer Crimson

    Whitt was on “One on One” BTW. Another good watch.