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  • Back to Back Pac-12 Champs!

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    Smith was completely outclassed in that game

    Worster wanted no part in that last shot. Clean look and short armed it by 2 feet

  • D T
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    Bush league comment…..Smith came prepared in a game that literally could’ve gone either way.

    • Ute2



      he might have been out-recruited.  He wasn’t out -classed.

      that was a great coaching job.  Just need a guy or two more that can bend the court!

    • rbmw263

      They were much more prepared to attack our gameplan on both ends. There were things I thought he could do to get good looks the way they defended us, 2 of them very obvious, and he did not adjust whatsoever.

      • rbmw263

        I also really disagree with automatically doubling Smith from the same spot no matter what. MSU got good look after good look because of it. They just missed shots.

        We missed shots too, but I thought we largely played into the strength of their defense and had to force a lot. Again I thougt there was a weakness that any decent tactician should have noticed immediately, and we did not go after it once.

    • chinngiskhaan

      I don’t think that is really an objective view of what happened (not sure RBMW’s view is either though). The fact that our leading scorer didn’t score a single point suggests that rbmw might be correct. Clearly they had a game plan to stop him, and Smith did not have a game plan to overcome their game plan… unless that plan was to completely abandon getting our best player in scoring position and focusing on others (which is beyond stupid).