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Surprise: Isaac Wilson to commit tonight at 9 MDT

  • Ute2

    Chrystal balls coming in hot for Utah on 247!

    they’re all medium confidence(6).  But that’s a good sign.

    would be a huge get!🙏🙏🙏

  • tanute3

    Manifesting an Isaac Wilson/RayJ Dennis combo Utah commitment in the next ~24 hours!

    • Onlyu

      I like this for a lot of reasons. He is talented and I expect him to continue to improve and he’ll have an impact on a number of in-state recruits this cycle. We should clean up in the top 10 again this year.

      I also think about a Cody Hagen and wonder what his thought process will be coming back. There is familiarity there obviously and he grew up a Ute. Add in the expected struggles in Provo for the next few years (at least) and that’s the kind of situation that would lend to a flip imo.

  • Trevor

    He’s a Ute!!!

    • Tednab

      I was skeptical at first , didn’t want the drama .. but I am quickly becoming a fan .. the feeling never gets old beating the Zoobs

    • DrJazzy

      Fantastic news. Talented kid, utah family, and LOVE that we are bringing in one 4* every 1-2 years, increases our chances on hitting big on a qb – the most important position in football. 

  • Anfernee

    I remember seeing his mom in the group photo from the Utah Football Women’s Clinic a couple weeks ago and thinking it’s gotta be a done deal.