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    Very telling texts from Gary Anderson before quitting.

  • cicampbe

    John Canzono is absolute garbage. I live in Portland. He has a long reputation of questionable, unethical behavior. A complete pompous muckracker. I strongly doubt Gary Anderson knew those texts would be published. Hell, I’m not even convinced they are from him. Canzono is the absolute worst.

    • UtMtBiker

      Common. Nobody would be stupid enough to publish fake texts. He’d be sued in a heartbeat. They were from him and he sounds like a bi-polar head case.

      • cicampbe

        They likely are his texts. They were also likely sent in confidence with no expectaion that they would be released to the public. That’s bush league at best, which is typical of Canzono.

        • pedro

          He stated right in there that Anderson knew the text would be published and that they met last week and reviewed that again.  Don’t know the guy, but this seems straight up.