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52 votes for 12-0!!

I usually say I hate to predict a loss or think about it. I want to hear from those 52 who predict 12-0. What are your reasons and hopes and desires and what side of the bed do you get out on??? So many questions for ya….

I am saying 11-1 I think Utah falls on the road somewhere. My reasons are Utah stays healthy specifically at two positions. QB and RB.  

  • Tony

    I’ve got 10-2. Most likely losses to Washington and USC. 

  • UteThunder

    Going back to 2014, I have predicted our final win total within 1 game every year except for last year (I think I had us at 11).

    This year? I really don’t know what to predict. I have a lot of concerns going into this year.

    – Moss is back at RB. He is an NFL talent, but how healthy will he be and is his knee going to hold up for the whole season?

    – Huntley is back at QB, but he has had two season ending injuries. He looked really good in the Red/White game, but will his body hold up for an entire year?

    – OL is replacing a couple of guys and we will have a new starting LB crew. 

    – Covey has been our best WR and is coming off of multiple injuries including an ACL tear. There is no way he will be what he has been for us in the past. Can Simpkins, Enis, and Dixon step up to carry the load?

    – Ludwig is back at OC. How long will it take for the new offense to get rolling? Will it get rolling?

    – And then there’s our kicker situation . . . yikes.

    Even with all of that uncertainty, I think we have enough talent to get to 9 or maybe even 10 regular season wins. If things go our way, maybe we win 11 or even 12 games including the post-season.

    • EagleMountainUte

      I also forgot to mention how our schedule is much more favorable this season vs last season. Utah returns a lot of talent from last years effort which went really well. I initially was very worried about OL last season but I think they did well enough. LB is the biggest question mark on the defense and obviously the concerns with special teams. 

      • UtemanUtefan

        I can’t remember what I voted but we bring almost the whole defense back save the LB’s. If, and it’s a big if, Bowen Lloyd and Bernard step up and are comparable or dare I say it, better… We could have an amazing, top ten level defense.  If the offense is average we’re a 10 win team.

    • PhiladelphiaUte

      Correct you are UteThunder.  Our Kicking situation is NOT ideal.

      Any word on the eligibility of Cameron Rising yet?

  • UtTroutHunter

    I have 10-2 with loses to USC and ASU. I doubt the Utes beat both USC and Washington on the road, but I think they can get one. A loss to ASU,  because that’s just what the Utes do. 

  • astUTE

    I have them at 11-1, and did not specifically account for the loss.  I expect them to beat USC ASU, and Wash on the road. but lose a WFT game like, CAL, AZ, BYU????, or most likely WA St. at home.  Seems like there is always at least one WTF lose since we joined the PAC.  If this is the year we stop that streak, Thank GOD!  And if no WTF lose, my predecition goes to 12-0.

  • noneyadb

    9-3. It’s Whitt’s number. Losses to USC, Arizona, and UCLA. Doomed to the Vegas Bowl.

  • Utesbyfive

    I voted 11-1. I think they can do it. I say we lose to Washington and beat either them or Oregon for it all.

  • ladyinred

    where is Pace Manyung? i haven’t been around a while, but i’d expect  at least 5 kool aid gifs from him at this point in the thread…

    • EagleMountainUte

      I think he is the new guy see above^^^ I ignored Paced ages ago.