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Once again, Utah is invisible to USA Today.

  • KiYi-Ute
    6 1

    Preseason rankings mean nothing. Even those outlets that are ranking us favorably. Just win, and the rest takes care of itself (unless you’re UCF). 

    • Utesbyfive
      9 2

      Well by all means, let’s not have a fan discussion, let’s act like coaches, and ignore the media…

      I don’t understand why we can’t discuss the media surrounding our team. Every time I bring it up, I get these responses in “coach speak.”  I thought this was a fan board.

      • Johnny80

        I can understand not the top ten because of the injury, but to not be named on the “almost list” or whatever sucks. I just chalk it up to people on the east coast only know 3 western teams….. and we are not among them.