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  • Utah Utes Fan Board


    Fans and most likely USC won’t know how good Utah is until week four….?

    Agree or disagree with that.

    TDS is fools gold people. NIU has zero offense and well whoever the third week opponent is I don’t worry much. 

  • UteThunder
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    I kind of agree, but there are two scenarios which will tell me a lot about how good Utah is after game one.

    If we blow BYU’s doors off instead of winning a nail-biter, then I would say we have a pretty good team.

    If we lose to BYU . . . well, that will tell me we aren’t good enough to win the Pac-12 Championship.

    • FtheY

      I also think there’s a third scenario, in which we show up poorly out of the gate due to first game jitters and a new offense. Then progress and turn into a pretty good football team by seasons end. Let’s hope this isn’t the case and that we don’t lose to TDS. 

    • ProudUte

      I agree with UteThunder.

      Also, USC plays BYU before they play us.  There will be some comparisons made by both teams.  The BYU game may tell us more than some think.


    • EagleMountainUte

      Yes losing to any of these will tell us a lot. I am operating on an assumption that there is no way Utah loses to any of those teams. Margin of victory can be so misleading as well. 

  • Dwight89

    disagree. We figured out real quick last year that we had some offensive struggles when we barely beat Northern Illinois. I’m sure something will happen in either the BYU game or the Northern Illinois game that will give us some sort of indication.


    On the other hand…the year we drubbed BYU 54-10 didn’t we end up going 5-7? So, who knows. 

    • Central Coast Ute

      If I’m not mistaken, the 54-10 year was the year Utah nearly won the south but lost to Colorado on the last game of the year to give the south title to fucla.

      • EagleMountainUte

        Correct. USC was ineligible and Utah needed a kicker. I also believe Wolfman was injured for that game.  He then returned for the Sun bowl.