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    The Gekko Files: UW Fan Picking Utah to go 9-3

    UW fan Chris Landon, predicts that Utah will repeat its 2018 performance, winning the south with a 6-3 PAC-12 record, but again losing twice to the Huskies.

    I don’t see Utah losing three on the road, instead winning at Arizona and UW. Beating UW twice in one year will be tough, but this may be the year. I might be less unhappy with a loss to USC, in exchange for beating UW, expect for the possibility of losing a tie-breaker. And, I don’t see USC losing at home to UCLA. And I don’t see UW winning the North.

    Gekko Link (UWdogpound.com)

    I expect Utah’s talent, experience, coaching and schedule all combining for a great if not perfect year. – Go Utah!

  • Wilson's Mustache

    I’m probably very much alone in this, but I think there’s a pretty reasonable chance we meet Stanford in the PAC-12 Championship. I think they are getting overlooked. They have one of the best coaches in college football, they should have a ridiculously talented Offensive line (two 5 stars). They have a very good senior QB in KJ Costello (3540 yards, 29 touchdowns). They also have a favorable schedule getting both UW and Oregon at home.

    For the same reason I think it is unlikely we see Oregon. They have to play @UW, @USC, @ASU, @Stanford.

    It all might be a moot point because I think theres a very low chance Utah wins @UW this year. UW will be coming off a bye week and Peterson has never lost at home after a BYE. So we won’t have to worry about beating them twice haha.

    • HoosierUte

      Agree with you about the Quackers. They just weren’t that impressive last year and that schedule is tough. I would not be surprised to see them finish behind UW, WSU, and Stanford. I still gotta go with UW in the north until somebody unseats them.

  • UtemanUtefan

    I think both Stanford and Cal are way,way better than people are projecting them, and honestly have both of them at or near the top of the North come seasons end. I see it playing out something like this:

    Stanford 8-4 (7-2) Losing at UCF, at USC, home for Oregon and Notre Dame.

    Washington 9-3 (6-3) Losing to Utah, Stanford and Wazzu.

    Oregon 8-4 (6-3) Losing to Auburn, Cal, Washington, and Arizona State.

    Cal 8-4 (5-4) Losing to Washington, Utah, Wazzu, and Stanford (and maybe USC but that game could go either way)

    Wazzu 8-4 (5-4) Losing to Utah, ASU, Stanford and Oregon.


    • Wilson's Mustache

      Yeah I think the North could be an absolute mess. Cal had a very good defense last year and they could be another tricky opponent for Utah.

      • Utesbyfive

        Feels like an under-regarde trap game. :/

  • Utesbyfive

    I don’t see losing to the Huskies. If Herbert doesn’t get injured, I think Oregon will take the north.

    • whitlessham
      2 8

      What Chris Peterson does to kwhitt is nothing short of prison rape.  How do you not see losing once again? 

      • Chidojuan

        Bulls**t.  He’s squeaked by every single time.  Gaskin is gone, most of the secondary is gone, Gaines is gone, Browning is gone.  If there was any time to beat them, it’s this year.  Don’t know their roster this year, but if Salvon Ahmed is the starter, he has yet to show me that he can carry the team on his back the way Gaskin did.  They’re WR’s are good, but they didn’t have any world beaters last year.  Dante Pettis was a world beater.  Will they find one this year?  Until they do, beating them is entirely within the realm of possibility.

        • whitlessham

          What’s Chris Petersons (Boizy and UW) record against kwhitt…. crickets

          What’s Chris Perterson record after a bye week…. crickets




          • Chidojuan

            7-1, no crickets here.  Have to see the forest for the trees though.  The only blowouts have been at Boise St.  You can claim prison rape for those if it makes you feel better.  UW history is a different story.

          • ironman1315

            Do you ever get frustrated being wrong.

  • AgouraUte

    Pre season predictions are worthless

  • ironman1315

    Screw this guy. WE’RE GOING 15-0 YOU SORRY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LongDuckDong

    I’m a UW Husky fan recently joined your group. Hoping you’ll let me stick around. I live in North Salt Lake, resident of the state for over 20 years. I’ll behave, please let me stay. I have dozens of Utah fan friends and will be respectful.

    I see Utah’s record quite different than Chris Landon (I don’t know who that is).

    I think Utah goes either 12-0 or 11-1. Most Pac-12 teams trip up somewhere they weren’t supposed to. See UW last year against Cal and the year before against ASU.

    UW’s biggest improvement this year is at QB. Browning was atrocious. If they let Eason play, we could be much better offensively than last season.

    I think Utah could lose to Cal, UW and USC but based on talent and coaching, they should win at least two of those. Obviously I hope UW beats Utah but I don’t see it this year.

    I think UW goes 9-3, finishes 2nd in the North.

  • Heike

    Welcome! Nice to hear the perspective of other teams’ fans, particularly from those in the PAC-12.