12 schools that could end up in the Big Ten

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      How would the Big 10 feel to everyone? The current schools are all quite far from Salt Lake.

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        Well it’s not the Big Sky but I guess I’ll take it.

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        Minority opinion here but I wouldn’t want to be in the big 10. I don’t think the LA schools are going to enjoy it. Geography matters. 

        I know the Utes will be on the outside looking in but so is most everyone else. We’ve been there before and I still loved my Utes


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          Agree wholeheartedly

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          Agree. I’d rather play our geographic rivals and be dominant in the Big 12 — year in and year out — than be a middling team in the Big 10 (travelling all the way to freakin New Jersey and Maryland) that only has a chance to succeed every decade or so.

          Instead of chasing $$$ and national attention (like USC/UCLA/Texas/Oklahoma), we should embrace regionalism and tradition.


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      Larry B
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      While I would love to see Utah join the Big Ten, it’s not gonna happen. Zero percent chance. I think it’s time to start wrapping our heads around the fact that we are ultimately heading back to the Mountain West, just with a different name. Whether we stay in the Pac10, join the Big 12 or the two conferences merge, it’s all going to be the same thing. P5 is now P2 and we’re not members.

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        Gonna have to let it all play out .. it’s not all gloom and doom .. I believe there will be two conference .. I still see Utah in one of those .. I’m gonna enjoy this season and be happy for the last 15 years the Utes gave us .. it’s been a hell of a ride

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      Ute Fan

      It’s fun to dream, but Utah winding up in the Big10 is extremely unlikely. Any new members need to bring in an eye-popping amount of revenue. John Canzano put out an article today that said industry media sources are saying a team would need to provide ~$72M in additional revenue for the remaining teams to retain their current level of revenue. 

      Just to give you an idea of how staggering that number is, Oregon and Washington combined are estimated to be worth $60M. This is why they haven’t been added. Their addition would cause a $6M revenue loss for each existing Big10 team. We are living in a crazy world when UW and Oregon don’t add value to a conference.

      The only possible way Utah to Big10 happens is if the Big10 and SEC decide to go nuclear in order to kill off the rest of the CFB to eliminate competition and expanded to 24 or more teams each. 

      Numbers were released today that puts the current value of the remaining Pac12 members at around $300M (so around $30M per team). My guess is the Big12 will be slightly above that. I’ve only seen estimates and projections, but there is at least some evidence to support it.

      If the Big12 is more valuable than the Pac12, the best Pac12 teams will be absorbed into the Big12. 

      Best case scenario would be Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah. The Big12 forms 9 team eastern/western divisions and puts together a fairly lucrative media deal. Nowhere near BIG/SEC. But in the $40M per team range.

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