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      Ute Fan

      This game totally reminds me of 2010. The similarities are very eerie. For example: 

      In 2010, you had a 9-0 team vs a 8-0 team. You had college gameday present. You had major bowl implications (BCS) on the line. 

      You had team 1, with no bye coming into the game. They had faced a tougher schedule before hand. Their opponents average offensive rank was 69. Their opponents defensive rank was 76. Their offense wasn’t scoring as much per game as team 2. 

      Team 2 had a bye in week 5. They had faced an easier schedule leading up to the game. Their opponent’s average offensive rank was 91. Their opponent’s average defensive rank was 80. Their offense was more potent scoring wise than team 1. 

      Team 1 went out and destroyed team two, 47-7. 

      This season is almost an exact copy of that season. This year has a 7-1 team vs a 7-0 team. College Gameday will be present. Winner has the inside track on a playoff berth at best, Rose Bowl at worst. 

      Team 1 has not had a bye coming into the game. They have faced a tougher schedule so far. Their opponent’s average offensive rank is 59 and defense is 86. Their offense isn’t scoring as much as team 2. 

      Team 2 has had a bye in week 6 coming into the game. They have faced an easier schedule so far. Their opponent’s average offensive rank is 85 and defensive is 93. Their offense is scoring more than team 1 per game. 

      The big difference this year? Washington looks like 2010 Utah and Utah looks like 2010 TCU. 

      As great as Washington has looked so far, they haven’t faced a team anywhere near as good as Utah.

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      Milton Vanderslice
      Ute Fan

      I thought we had an unspoken agreement never to talk about the 2010 TCU game.

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        Ute Fan

        We had a college gameday in 2010? The only thing I remember is black and camo. Everything else is a blur my mind rejects as though I were in pain.

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        Ute Fan

        Milton for sure

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      Ute Fan

      That’s what I thought too Milton

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      Ute Fan

      I guess the Oregon State game Washington played Saturday is your TIC way of saying they had a bye? We’ll see what happens, it’s going to take a complete game with no costly mistakes from the Utes to win this weekend, something they have yet to do this year.

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