35-7 isn’t enough.

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      Not going to get the job done. Oregon now considered 2nd tier and beat AZ last week 34-6.

      With Washington also losing tonight, I think we took a bit of a reputation hit. We’ll stay ahead of OU, but nights like tonight aren’t going to put us ahead of Bama. We really could have used points off those 4th down conversions and Huntley’s pick in the end zone.

      I’m probably being too negative but unless Auburn beats bama next week, I have a hard time seeing us get in. Our best win is 7-5 or 6-6 Washington (outside of Oregon in title game). I just don’t think that gets us the nod over Bama…even if they don’t have great wins either, but just with their overall well-earned reputation, I can’t see us passing them. Hope I’m wrong!

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      Please stop. After my years going to Florida State 30 years ago and my time engaged with the University of Utah since 1992, I’ve heard time and time again people talking mad s**t. Are you a BYU fan thinking of being a Utah fan? Stand the f**k down!

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        A BYU fan I most certainly am not….

        It’s an honest question. We’re 12-1, we beat Oregon, committee’s looking at the 4th spot. You think they’re going to give us the nod over Alabama?

        I get it. It’s super lame to complain about what is proving to be the best team in our program’s history. But in the incredibly ridiculous and stupid system that is the CFP, we need 56-7, 49-3, etc. and 35-10 against Oregon.

        This game isn’t going to be the deciding factor, but we have to be flawless to get realistic consideration from the committee.

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          A 1 loss conference champ has NEVER been left out of the playoffs.

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          Utah could have won this game 42-0! Or better. But look at that QB for Alabama, the Heisman contender. How did he play today? Oh yeah, he didn’t. Utah played its 2’s and 3’s today and thoroughly controlled the game with the 1’s.
          Consider the Lillie’s of the Goddamned field!!!

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      I actually think the alleged cfp committee habit of only checking box scores works for us in this case. Over 500 yards offense vs less than 200 UA. Nearly 40 minutes possession vs 20 minutes. 35-0 until under two minutes left, when you know for sure it was backups. I think anyone would read exactly what we would hope them to read out of the numbers.

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        I was at a meeting where a CFP committee members spoke in great detail about their methods.  The west region designee watched the Utes – 100% certain and will report the results in their looooong weekly Sunday meeting.

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      We should finish ahead of Bama because they aren’t even going to win their 6 team division. Still, I’d feel a lot more comfortable if they lose to Auburn.

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      Huh? A 28 point beat down with their lone TD coming in garbage time isn’t good enough for you?

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      So 35-7 isn’t enough and because of that we might only get to the Rose Bowl? Sounds like first world problems…

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      Go look at Alabama’s schedule, then take a walk and gain some perspective.

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