Alabama had 6 first round picks

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      Ute Fan

      They may have had the best college football team ever in 2020.  They will likely repeat because they truly reload.  The same goes for Clemson and OSU.  I hate it that there are a handful of college teams that dominate football.  I wish there was more parity.  Of course, if Utah was one of those teams – I would likely love it.  I hope that things change and it’s possible,  There was a time that Miami and Nebraska were always there and they are no longer on top.  So, I hope in the next few years Alabama, Clemson, and OSU drop from the top.

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      2008 National Champ
      Ute Fan

      When you consider that 2019 LSU was the previous “best team ever”, the comparison pales. Heck, Alabama having 3-6 first round picks isn’t even a new phenomenon.

      But to your larger point, I want what Alabama has. I want a 2 loss season be grounds for firing a head coach. I want Utah to be a lock for the playoff before any games have been played. I want pundits to argue that Utah should be in the playoff over undefeated teams. In short: I want the 2004 offense paired with the 2008 defense every year and I want the Utah special teams to be, well, the Utah special teams. To borrow a phrase from everyone’s favourite punching bag, I want to win so much that I’m tired of winning.

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      Ute Fan

      I want parity too…until I don’t. Utah is closer to the top of college football than the bottom. Call me selfish, but maybe parity isn’t the best thing for my particular rooting interest.

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      Ute Fan

      Wait they actually had 1st round talent on offense? I thought it was about Saban opening up the offense and changing philosophy.

      All along it was just that he had better players? Maybe he wasn’t trying to recruit good players on offense before? Now he is?

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