Another 2 bowls bite the dust and cancel their games this week!

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      Military bowl and Fenway Bowl


      BC was down 40 players due to COVID.  

      How about our team take Extra  precautions this week?  Please just get the Utes and Buckeyes through next week healthy!!!!  Go Utes!



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      Well, not taking the entire team to Disneyland tomorrow would be a start…

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        ^^^This. If both teams are still planning on Disneyland tomorrow, we are asking for trouble.

        Just curious for anyone in the know, what are the testing protocols? Frequency? Rules on entering/exiting protocol. I know we have this contagious variant going around, but it’s crazy to me that we go from August to December with not one case of Covid keeping a player out of a game to now being worried about a game being cancelled. Would love to know how this is tested and when we know if we are out of the woods?

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        Correct you are therealu!  Disneyland isn’t going anywhere, so if the players want to go, let them go on Jan. 2nd.  Or after they graduate.  There’s just too much at stake here, and we’ve already seen 3 bowl games nixed, so it wouldn’t be “unheard of” if more bowl game cancellations are on the way as well.

        What’s really making me nervous was how our first two games from the previous season got cancelled right before the game!  So the fact that we’re 6-days out right now means that we’re still not out of the woods.

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      I wish they’d just play the damn game today. Stop tempting fate. It makes the lead up to January 1st more anxious and not enjoyable. 

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        Imagine how stressed out the Cincinnati fans are. They overcame the impossible and made the playoffs and there is a chance it may not get played through since they have to go a few more weeks. We only have to get through one more week.

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          I hope they lose by 40.

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          Cincinnati’s game is scheduled for 12/31, the day before ours.

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