Anybody else relate?

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        Ghost of the HEB
        Ute Fan

        I get caught up in good recruiting news and such and start to feel wounds heal, and I find myself not wanting to jump off a bridge anymore. But then I see a promo for the Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, or the fact we had team full of all conference players, and then it feels like the wound is ripped back open and I’m back in the gulf of misery and endless woe.
        Anybody else? Just me?

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        Ute Fan

        I stopped watching sports news after the game. I browse /r/CFB and /r/Utahfootball and that’s about it. I can’t stand watching on TV, even something like Yogi Roth’s preview of the Alamo Bowl. I can’t watch.

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        Dante Guardi
        Ute Fan

        ive sunk so low I started watching SOCCER

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          Ute Fan

          That is especially desperate because Soccer has no winners.

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        Ute Fan

        I can definitley relate. I just spent the last hour looking into recruits that we could potentially get. Also, did you know that 12 of the top 25 highest rated recruits that we have ever signed will all be on the roster for next season?

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          Ute Fan

          Care to list the 12 for those of us who don’t follow recruiting very closely? Maybe all 25 just for comparison’s sake . . . ?

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        Ute Fan

        I’m satisfied with the season. We gave it our best shot and came up short. Could we have been perfect, sure? But college football is super competetive and I the the UBoyz gave a tone of sweat, blood and tears this year, as did the coaches. I’m excited about the future as the recruiting talent is slowly increasing and the coaches have proven the ability to devlop young talent and win games. I wouldn’t trade the Utes for anyone else in the PAC 12. Imagine the drama that USC has been through the past 10 years. 

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        Ute Fan

        I’m right there too. I sometimes peruse cougarboard when I’m feeling really down. It helps to know there are teams in much worse situations than we are. I know, I’m pathetic.

        There was actually a post on Cougarboard highlighting how well Utah is doing with in state recruits this year. The only one in the top 7 we have lost is Noah Sewell, who is going to Oregon to play with his brother. The next 6 are all projected to or already committed to go to Utah.

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        Ute Fan

        Sure! So here is the highest rated all time recruits for Utah Basketball:

        (If in bold they will be on the roster for the 2020-2021 basketball season)

        1- Brekkott Chapman – 4 Star (97.83%) – Class of 2014
        2- Ian Martinez – 4 Star (97.75%) – Class of 2020
        3- Jayce Johnson – 4 Star (95.59%) – Class of 2016
        4- Lawerence Borha – 4 Star (95.14%) – Class of 2005
        5- Branden Carlson – 4 Star (94.42%) – Class of 2017
        6- Rylan Jones – 4 Star (94.31%) – Class of 2019
        7- Both Gach – 4 Star (94.06%) – Class of 2018
        8- Timmy Allen – 4 Star (93.69%) – Class of 2018
        9- Caleb Lohner – 3 Star (93.09%) – Class of 2020
        10- Jason Washburn – 3 Star (92.52%) – Class of 2008
        11- Jordan Loveridge – 3 Star (92.52%) – Class of 2012
        12- Pelle Larsson – 3 Star (91.09%) – Class of 2020
        13- Morgan Grim – 3 Star (90.90%) – Class of 2007
        14- Delon Wright – 3 Star (90.28%) – Class of 2013
        15- Makol Mawien – 3 Star (89.82%) – Class of 2015
        16- Jeremy Olsen – 3 Star (89.65%) – Class of 2009
        17- Marshall Henderson – 3 Star (89.34%) – Class of 2009
        18- Justin Hawkins – 3 Star (89.16%) – Class of 2003
        19- Vante Hendrix – 3 Star (88.90%) – Class of 2017
        19(tied)- Stefan Zimmerman – 3 Star (88.90%) – Class of 2003
        19(tied)- Mikael Jantunen – 3 Star (88.90%) – Class of 2019
        22- Riley Battin – 3 Star (88.65%) – Class of 2018
        23- Matthew Van Komen – 3 Star (88.52%) – Class of 2019
        24- Lahat Thioune – 3 Star (88%) – Class of 2018
        25- Christian Popoola – 3 Star (87.52%) – Class of 2017
        26- Kyle Kuzma – 3 Star (87.49%) – Class of 2014

        31- Mason Falslev – 3 Star (86.78%) – Class of 2020

        Source: 247 Sports

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          User Suspended

          I think the subject is football – no?

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          Ute Fan

          But… um… this is a football thread…

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        Ute Fan

        its bad to have a 3 week vacuum of good football after such a tough loss

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          Ute Fan

          Agreed. It would have been a really fun three weeks had Utah won the Pac12 championship…with a loss, not as much fun. All we have between now and the next game is recruiting news.

          Lately I have been angry at Oregon. Ultimately, Utah’s fate was in its own hands. But I find it more enjoyable to be upset with Oregon for losing to ASU. If they had not blown that game, Utah would likely be in the Rose Bowl. I would have definitely gone to that. But Alamo Bowl is just not in the cards for me.

          Curious whether Oregon fans feel let down with the Rose Bowl when the playoffs were within their grasp? Anyone frequent their message boards or know fans?

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        Ute Fan

        IMO, going to the Rose Bowl is better. LSU would of torched Oregon. I don’t recall off the top of my head who the 4th CFP teams have been over the past few years.

        The P12 football operations, schedule, structure, TV set-up, officials is beyond poorly managed. P12 is it’s own worst enemy. The way it’s run is a huge barrier for program success. Almost like playing a 10th conference game. No way Utah a 5th rank team should fall so far after losing the P12 champ game. I think that’s the biggest hit to the loss. Good problem to have I guess, just not sure how much it really has helped the program, certainly as of right now, not recruiting. Maybe some kids will come around in the next few weeks.

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          User Suspended

          meh, Utah looked really bad in that lose against OR.  If it was a competitive loss Utah would be sitting at 8.

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        Ute Fan

        I still has sadz about the game. Seeing all the Pac 12 honors somehow actually made me feel worse, because it was SO CLOSE and it seems like it will be a while before we have such a great group loaded with talent. And they’re such good kids too.

        Although it was a great season that brought me a lot of joy, I feel like I need watching us beat Texas to make me feel better.

        I am also super annoyed with tspp fan acquaintances in my life and their schadenfreude. Gross.

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        Ute Fan

        With all of the first string alll-conference players we had we should’ve won the conference championship. One of the announcers during the championship game said Utah was “out schemed”. To me that’s the same as out coached. I think he was right.

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        Ute Fan

        I’m drowning myself in draft news and the NFL right now. It’s nice to see speculation on where our guys will go. That’s always a positive at the end of a season.

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