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      Ute Fan

      KSL reported that as students check into the dorms to return to school they are tested for covid.  Of the 2,600 tests that came back Friday, 3 from the U and 2 from Westminster tested positive.  Another 1,000 results will come in Monday.  Maybe a good thing they are checking into school to identify a few asymptomatic cases.  They will quarantine infected students into an area for 400 students that are found positive. 

      I hope this is a good start that will carry forward into the school year and in turn help college sports begin the path back.  I am hoping the students take care, get tested often and show folks how it can be done.

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      Gary Sapp
      Ute Fan

      It is a good policy for those living on campus. But now all the commuter students join the mix and while our local rate of infection is good and getting better, you have to worry that one unrecognized case could blow it all up.

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