Basketball Transfers Predictions….

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      So we have Brandon Morely confirmed.   No biggie.   Wants playing time.  

      Who else ?  

      My bet is no one else, but if another one then my prediction is Naseem Gaskins.  


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      it depends on how many players we can find. If we can identify a shooting guard and a graduate transfer point guard then I see Gaskin and Charles Jones leaving.

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      Charles Jones should leave. Possibly Gaskin. But I think he will stick around and see if he gets some PT. We need guards. Possibly Jayce only because he’s a senior and could transfer somewhere and play right away. IDK maybe not. But that would make sense. I thought Tillman but I think he sticks around for at least one more year. He came on as of late. Everyone else plays or will play so unlikely to transfer unless they hate or are p**sed at K. Who knows with that.

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      Charles Jones isn’t going anywhere. He’s a senior next year. He’d lose his senior year of eligibility unless he goes as a graduate transfer.

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        I agree.  Jones is not leaving.  Though, he was a disappointment.  Some JUCO players just can’t adjust to the speed of D1.  Just hope he makes drastic improvements during the offseason.   I see everyone happy and returning except for Gaskins.  Too many guards coming in and he’s still the only one I see that could bolt.  


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