Cal just loves to upset the Dawgs…

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      Regardless of what else happens on the weekend, Utah will be in third place in the league if they win @ Colorado. It’s a guarantee because they would pass the loser of the ASU-Oregon State game. If Utah figures out a way to win out however, they likely will finish 2nd overall in Pac-12 play because both of ASU and Oregon State have difficult remaining road games (@ Arizona for ASU and @ Washington for Oregon State respectively). Who would have thought that Utah would finish as a Top 2 seed in the Pac-12 this year after the subpar non-conference performance they had? If they do get that #2 seed, Utah’s in their ideal scenario for a possible run to the NCAA Tourney going into the conference tournament. They would get that first round bye AND they would get to avoid having to possibly play Washington again until a tournament final game. Hopefully, one of the other Pac-12 teams knocks off the dawgs before Utah would have to theoretically face them again (if it comes to that) because the UW is simply a bad match up for our Utes this season. I like their chances however against any other team.

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        Someone else would have to beat Washington for us to have a chance.


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