Cal/Utah tie breaker as I understand it.

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      Head to head(not applicable)

      Record vs top team and continue down until 1 of the tied teams gain an advantage. I previously thought you compare records against #1Oregon, this results in a tie so you erase that record and compare record against #2 Arizona and continue down the line. I guess that was wrong because you keep the total record as you work your way down the ranks.

      Cal/Utah vs Oregon. Cal 0-2/Utah 0-2

      Cal/Utah vs Arizona. Cal 0-2(0-4)/Utah 0-1(0-3)

      Cal/Utah vs UCLA. Cal 0-1(0-5)/Utah 0-1(0-4)

      Cal/Utah vs USC. Cal 1-0(1-5)/Utah 1-0(1-4). This is the point where Utah gains the winning percentage advantage even though they didn’t do it by winning. They get the tie breaker because they only lost once to Arizona. I would bet Utah would have lost to Zona twice if they played them twice. 

      It worked out in our favor but I don’t like how this tie break is conducted.

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