Cam Rising fans in good and bad times

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        Ute Fan

        2021 season is one of our greatest seasons and arguably the most special season in history (given the tragedies experienced, adversity overcome, accomplishments).

        Cam led us through it all.  We saw it on the field.  Didn’t see it off the field, but I trust he was the same galvanizing force when the limelight was away.  Coach has referred to Cam as a great leader many times and I believe him.  We’ve all seen it.  Cam is the heart of this team.

        Cam had a bad game.  He’s had a down year.  We’ve all had bad days and bad years.  Thank goodness for second chances (and third and so on…).  

        While this is high level sport that demands high level performance and warrants hard decisions in the interest of winning games, IMO this is hardly one of those times.  Cam has given so much and has come back from being knocked down many times and he will do it again.

        I know all of us are Cam Rising fans even after last night.  In the heat of the moment we may pile on with the outside criticism and call for his benching, but  when the dust settles he’s the guy we want behind the wheel.  

        Whether it’s the rest of this season, next season (if he returns) or wherever he goes we are big Cam Rising fans, we’re proud he’s one of us and we’ll ride with him in the good and bad.  All gas, no brakes.

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        Ute Fan

        What do you mean he will do it again for us?
        His chances are over for Utah. Being realistic there.

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          Ute Fan

          He’ll bounce back from last night’s game.  

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            Milton Vanderslice
            Ute Fan

            I agree, he’ll do great against Colorad9. However, that doesn’t matter much.

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        Ute Fan

        I would actually prefer he not come back next year. He already publicly said he wouldn’t. I don’t want him flip flopping because of poor performances. I’d rather move forward with the next in line.

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          Ute Fan

          Anyone can do great against Colorado lol.
          and I agree, he did what he could. He put his body on the line for Utah. He did amazing things, but it is a good time for him to move on. 

          But if the rumors are true that we get a transfer QB next year, Id rather him stay. I dont really dig the whole transfer thing that much. 

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          Ute Fan

          Sorry but I don’t get this line of thinking. Cam is a top-5-of-all-time-type QB at Utah. I want him playing for my team every minute I can get.

          He’ll be gone soon enough regardless (that’s the way of things in college sports). But if he has eligibility and the desire is there, I want him back and I want him starting. The future can wait.

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