Can’t help our bad luck

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        Ute Fan

        Utah has not had much luck at all playing against QB2 if the game play anticipates the other QB.  The SDSU QB1 that started against Az had 8 rushes for 7 yards.  We got to play against QB2 who had 8 rushes for 87.  So there we go, more experience playing a running QB.  How much of our prep may was for QB2?

        Other notes,

        Bam is hot and cold, can be a roadgrader on one play and misplace his defender on another.  Was pulled out.

        Rising throws a better ball than Brewer, also handles pressure better.  Brewer is pron to be picked.

        Punter is an adventure, we now miss the rugby style.  Need to get Az notes on when to just go on 4th.

        2 of 3 regulation TDs for SDSU were direct result of Utah mistakes.  Elimination of mistakes would be big.

        Long passes give you a chance to benefit from PI, SDSU even collected one on an unchachable pass.

        Watching a running QB bother us so much makes me wonder if Jackson should get some change up snaps.

        On the late 4th down a SDSU DB takeled a Utah Vele from behind in the endzone  but was missed.  

        Weber uses Gary Anderson as a consultant, could we get him for a week to help with LB blitzes?

        Before Sewell came back Reid was playing along with Furey, guess the young LBs are still coming along.

        SDSU went to a 4 man rush but when Rising got in rythem the 5 and 6 man rush was too slow.

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        Ute Fan

        I haven’t weighed in on football since before the SDSU game, so here’s my hot take:

        Utah is not nearly as bad as most of you think.

        Now I’m not saying we’re great. I’m just saying we’re not terrible. We beat Weber handily. They gave James Madison (#3 in FCS) all they could handle yesterday. Weber is a top-10 FCS team. We lost to BYU-Provo Campus. As much as it pains me to say it, BYU-Provo Campus is legit. We lost to SDSU. They’re undefeated. We’re the only team that has given them trouble.

        Flame away, but I’m not ready to say Utah is dogwater yet.

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        Ute Fan

        Your not wrong. I think we have a legitimate chance in the south. But our o-line is garbage. I cannot understand how we have this same conversation every year.

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