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      Have we hit it? Can he take us beyond a conference championship and a bowl loss against a more talented team? His mobility is crucial for us, but I fear we’re seeing his body can’t hold up to the running demands our offense puts on him. Biggest concern, though, are the brutal moments throwing the ball in our three road losses this season (and was 8/21 prior to injury in the Rose).
      Cam has been the catalyst for consecutive mostly special seasons, and he’ll be remembered fondly when he moves on. I’m just curious where our ceiling is with him. Is the return of Vele, post-ACL surgery Kuithe, and Yassmin really enough to break through where we’ve gone the past two seasons? Would a transfer like Trejan Bridges elevate the passing game more to get us higher? Guess we’ll see.

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      I support developing Johnson. But, I do not know what is in his tool-bag. I like what I have seen but realize I don’t know near as much as the coaches. I wouldn’t expect Johnson to be all-conference next year. I would expect some growing pains.

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      Health is key. If he could stay healthy all season along with his favorite targets, he wouldn’t have to run so much and risk injury and I think he could achieve a higher ceiling.

      The problem is, we’ve limped into the last two Rose Bowls with no playmakers. That’s just not going to get it done against elite teams. Yassmin was the only decent target last night, and he isn’t even half as effective on critical downs as Kuithe and Kincaid are. Vele can’t get separation. An elite pass-catcher a la Carrington would make a HUGE difference.

      Another problem with Cam is he’s generally pretty terrible in road games (CCG being the exception for some reason). And I don’t know how you fix that. Hostile crowds really effects his confidence.

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      If Cam has ACL, he won’t start first of next season even if he returns. I’m guessing coaches look hard at QB through TP.

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        What are the QB prospects on the portal right now? McCall, who some thought wanted to come here, announced prior to the RB that he’s returning to coastal.

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      Cam’s health is the issue. I noticed that several schools in the Pac had elite QBs transfer in, others have been developing QBs with lots of offers, but none of them could overtake a Cam led team. If he is healthy and stays we are lucky. A QB in the transfer portal has not or may not push us up a step.

      I expect that Whitt will always desire the most competitive QB room possible. If there is a QB possibility to go with Nate and Mack Utah will try to bring him in. I don’t recall if Mack will be here in the spring, if not it would seem the QB room needs players now. Until Cam is healthy and at practice, we are short at QB. The passing game will benefit most by rounding out people to receive the ball.

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