Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear gave an eloquent response

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      Ute Fan

      To Trump’s speech.   Guy is well spoken.  I don’t know if he wrote the speech or someone else but is solid. He quoted Reagan, identified some of Trump’s weaknesses i.e. Belittling people etc.  

      really well done.  

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      Ute Fan

      I watched both, Trump’s was far better IMO. The issues most important to me are the fight against drug cartels and poverty in inner cities. I’d love to see him be successful in these two areas.

      The Kentucky Governor had the tone of devisiveness IMO.

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        Ute Fan

        The former Kentucky Governor, any stabs at why he gave the democratic speech rather than a current democratic official? Couldn’t stand his speech.

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          Ute Fan

          There are any current Democratic governors?

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            Ute Fan


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        Ute Fan

        If the fight against the drug cartels is that important to you doesn’t it seem thst the way to defeat them is to eliminate their customer base? Ie treatment for addicts rather then minimum mandatory sentences? America’s war on drugs is A an abysmal failure and B grossly misnamed

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          Ute Fan

          are you going to eliminate young kids who want to be wild and experiment? I’m for whatever will work. Do you remember when Trump discussed addiction treatment in his speech as part of the war on drugs? Clearly, the department of correction isn’t correcting people very well.



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            Ute Fan

            Something that will only get exacerbated with the current significant push towards for-profit prisons.

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            Ute Fan

            You realize when I say eliminate thst what I’m saying is get our people off drugs which eliminates the dealers market. We aren’t going to do that with minimum mandatory sentences

            First of N think the war on drugs is waste of time money and resources if you want he cartels gone then you’ve got to be willing to step in and provide what they provide clearly demonnizing drug use isn’t working working very well right now

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        Ute Fan

        Of course the Potus speech was far better, it always is in these speeches regardless of which party is in power.

        RE: the war on drugs, it seems to me that the problem begins with legal RX drugs. Loose and easy access to addictive painkillers, the real epidemic, lead to the higher demand for heroin and similar drugs. It’s fine to crack down on illegal drug cartels, but far more difficult to crack down on the legal ones.

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        Tacoma Ute
        Ute Fan

        Even Elvis impersonator Mr. Maddow was unimpressed.

        Nice sideburns Rachel!

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      Ute Fan

      Beshear did give a good speech. Unfortunately it was obviouly written well ahead of Trumps speech and aired only minutes after. That alone gives it away as a canned speech

      Just so you know I’ve lived in the Kentucy/ Tennesse area on and off for 25 years. In that time Beshear catered to the rich in Lexington and Louisville while letting the rest of the state decay. He is not a democrate, but more of an opportunist.

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      Ute Fan

       photo 0087034D-C5E4-4293-9E24-3B7B0CB5037B.jpg

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        Ute Fan

        thanks for making a blanket statement without support across the whole speach without having the balls to talk about specific issues.

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        Ute Fan

        And their only lie is this fact scorecard…?


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