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        Ute Fan

        Utah has some work to do to patch up the future OOC games, especially ’26 and ’27 where we planned to play 2 Big 12 teams. Utah State also has games to schedule. I would really like to see maybe 3 games set up with them with 2 in SLC. The games hold so much more interest than other mid majors and Logan is an awesome easy road trip. I actually like the two games set up with Wyoming. I never visited there when in the MWC but a September game and camping in the Black Hills seems like a good idea.

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        Ute Fan

        Just schedule down. We have a legit shot at the playoffs every year, even if we don’t win the conference. Losing to Florida kills a lot of that. Schedule down. You want your big games in December, not September.

        Going along with that, Utah State is an awesome idea. Close, a win, a somewhat interesting game. I like it.

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        Ute Fan

        I miss playing Utah State. Always very much enjoyed day trips to Logan over the years. Scenic drive through Sardine Canyon and compared to another in-state rival, a very friendly venue.

        If we’re going to resort to home/away against MWC and MAC teams to fill our schedule like we have in recent years, then might as well bring back the Battle of the Brothers.

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