George Kliavkoff Kick-Off Speech

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        Ute Fan

        Here are a couple of thoughts I had from the kick-off speach George Kliavkoff:

        I was excited to hear the announcement that they are creating a football committee that will be examining all decisions related to football including number of conference games, divisions, start times, non-conference games, etc.  I think that this could be a good thing, and am excited to have the coaches have a say in these decissions.  We need to find a model where we do not beat each other up to the point of losing invitations.

        I also found it interesting that while they stated that expansion is not needed for the PAC12 to continue to compete, and that the barrier to entry is high, they are listening to those interested, and that they have had a number of schools reach out to express interest. He later stated, when questioned, that while they believe it is not necessary, it is a priority… and they will evaluate and work with those schools expressing interest in a very timely manner.

        They were asked about what was being done to keep current members intact… it was stated that all of the stories regarding schools looking at leaving were based on absolute myth. He stated that in the rooms he is in, all of the members are dedicated to the league and its history and tradition. He does not believe that the PAC12 has members looking to leave the league.

        They want congress to help pass a federal law that supports NIL rights but makes pay for play illegal.  

        They believe that if the conferences continue to consolidate, that our media rights will become more valuable and that there will be a lot of companies willing to bid on those rights.

        While they support the CFP expansion, they want time to allow those not included in the decission to meet with their stakeholders and voice any concerns and reccomendations.  


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        Ute Fan

        For those that haven’t seen Kliavkoff’s opening address to the media, I’ve attached it here.

        So far, I remain optimistic about Kliavkoff. He seemed well prepared and hyper focused on fixing football by forming the subcommittee and locking shoulders with the AD’s and coaches. It looks like the Presidents made a great hire especially when you contrast Kliavkoff with the B1G’s hire of Kevin Warren.

        Warren got scathing reviews from their media day that he fumbled through questions and was obviously not prepared. The B1G has been so spoiled with Delaney for all of these years and now that they’ve had to finally hire a new commissioner, they are seeing a huge drop off in leadership quality.

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          Ute Fan

          Warren has already made some monumental blunders. Was he hired based on his skills or was he hired in the name of diversity?

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