Hans Olsen talked about Bam Olaseni today

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        Hans has a couple buddies on the staff that keep him informed on things. While talking about Darrin Paulo’s injury, Hans said “The good news is Bam Olaseni was cleared last week, and he is eligible and ready to play this week. By all accounts, he is doing extremely well in practice..Extremely well. He’s pushing the tempo, and he’s even pushing starters for starts. He is going to be a great tackle, and I’m excited to see him get on the field and see what he can do.”
        Hans said he doesn’t think Paulo’s injury is serious, and he still may play this week.
        As far as Huntley, he said that’s a little more mysterious. Doesn’t look serious, but doesn’t know.
        He said he didn’t have much info on Thompson. If you go back and watch Moss’s record breaking TD run, Thompson was in on that play. So that’s encouraging.

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        Save Emeril for the last 2 games (+championship, +bowl)?

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        Ideal scenario would be Bam plays and balls out this week at LT, Staff keeps him in the starting lineup, moves Paulo to RT for next week against Washington, and then brings him back for pac12 CG + Bowl game.

        If we could get high level play out of both tackles, that would be a huge boost. Would be nice to see bam get some reps and get ready to go for next week…if he is as legit as some make him sound.

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