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      Ute Fan

      We suck

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      Chester Copperpot
      Ute Fan

      Last 5 possessions we turn the ball over 2-3 times and take bad shots with a hand in our face. Who are we? Of course we lost.

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      Ute Fan

      Needs to happen. We will see if Harlan has the balls. 

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      This is a really bad loss against a really bad team.

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        Ute Fan

        err From a really Bad coach…  

        How that?

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      Ute Fan

      Wait, no thumbs down from the Larry lovers. Please fire his @zz tomorrow.

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      There was a time when I wouldn’t miss a Utes Basketball game. Now I rarely even know they’re playing. Until LK is gone I won’t waste my time watching the dumpster fire that he has created.

      We used to be a basketball school with one of the best coaches in the country. Now we’re a laughing stock. I just pray we make a good coaching hire after Whittingham leaves.

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        Ute Fan

        Well said Larry B, I’m right there with ya.

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      Ute Fan

      AoT fans in here? Me watching Larry K:
      Mobile Ute Hub user submitted image

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      Ute Fan

      Larry isn’t going anywhere til at least April.

      He’ll be able to finish the season before Harlan acts.

      Currently 6-7 with 12 games left which includes 1 tournament game. My prediction…..He’ll be lucky to win 5 of the 12 games.

      A 11-14 record with a losing Pac12 record Harlan will have no choice but to act.

      If fans are allowed to return in 21-22 season no one will show up.

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      Ute Fan

      Goodness.  I don’t know if many have been watching league games but Washington shot lights out compared to who they have been.  They were unusually lucky from behind the arc.  Utah and most all the league, is not good enough to overcome an opponent that has seemingly everything go in from long range.  Now we know we are not one of the leaders this year.  From here we can enjoy watching the games or we can jump into a loop, whine thru every game.  I just don’t think the bottom half of the league needs to be miserable.  Not satisfied, sure, but no reason to be miserable.  Myself, I am working on enjoying every game, if we win I’ll feel even better, if we take the league I’ll be ecstatic.  But I resist being the guy that follows but seems forever miserable.  Help me out.  I am not Larry’s relative, just someone old enough I don’t want to throw a single season away, instead, enjoy it all.  After the season we could have a thread to assess if Larry would be good for next year.

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        Ute Fan

        Good post, Charlie.  I don’t think most of us mind a normal down year or a rebuilding year.  What some of us are disappointed in is that there doesn’t seem to be any growth to Larry K coached teams.  We seem to get weaker in the 2nd half of games AND seasons.  In my opinion, there’s not a lot of energy or fight in his teams and that’s why you see a lot of us bitchin’ and moanin’.  

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          Ute Fan

          Perhaps caught Washington at the wrong time (who beat Colorado a few days ago.)  But what happened in the last few mintues was simply not pretty.   There is a lot I like about Timmy Allen who had some great assists last night, but those late turnovers he and few teammates made just killed us.  Afraid he just isn’t a player who can be reliable in the clutch (not sure anyone I see on our team is).

          Those of us that watched yesterday saw Bey go off for a career night against us.  All too frequently in recent years, players are having the career highs against us and we seem to have no idea how to stop it.   Back in Utah’s glory years under Majerus, star opposing players often had career WORST games when facing Utah.

          I remember a game in Fort Collins back during those years.  Rams were shooting lights out from 3 point land (sort of like a scene from the movie Pleasantville) and were up double digits midway through the second half, but Utah clamped down, defended agressively, got all over their outside shooters, and came back to win.



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            Ute Fan

            I do get the frustration.  But I also realize debating or wanting change mid season just is not practicable.  No doubt we can remember the details of the year and previous years at the sensable checkpoint at the end of the year.  I can’t imagine that the ADs office is not constantly analizing opportunities and limitations to improve each team and will not miss the realistic options to improve.  In the meantime I recognize the efforts the players are making to make improvements.  It’s just that painfully slow covid mitigation on top of an awful political year leaves little room for complaining about our teams.  Honestly, I just look forward to a bit of excape.

            I do like the change ups in lineup and emphases which probably helps us in begining of games but we don’t have changes that others can’t adjust to.  We are not mentatly tough in the critical moments.  At times, Allen can repeat impossible inside shots and other times leave you wondering why he made his attempt.  Until this weekend, we played UCLA better that anyone in the league but let Cal and UW each get a rare win against us.  The teams ups and downs do draw you in and then leave disapointment.  UW was the first of the second games, coaching usually shows more in these games.  At this point, I am hoping that we can get to more ups than downs in the conference playoff and play our best ball there.  Then figure it out.

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