How far can our OL and WRs take us in 2019?

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      Ute Fan

      Barring injury to Huntley, we look to be positioned for a great year in 2019. The real question is how far can our OL and WRs take us. Common knowledge that our OL was mediocre in 2018 and we lost three of them to graduation. The two who remain plus Ford should all be improved next year. The real question is whether Daniels, Maile, Maea, BAM, Tucker, or others can effectively fill the other two spots plus provide at least two depth guys in case of the inevitable injury. I would feel better if BAM and Tucker or the three freshmen were here for spring ball because at least we will be able to see if they can cut it or if we need to aggressively pursue one or two OLs through the transfer portal. I know Bills is starting at DL but I have to wonder if he can help us on the OL?

      We essentially have the WRs from last year minus Mariner plus Periman and perhaps Donte so each will need to improve individually for us to have a chance for a Rose Bowl win. Seems clear to me that if we can only get one “ready to play guy” from the transfer portal that it would need to be a stud outside receiver. Really not comfortable betting on Covey, Dixon, Simpkins, Ennis, and perhaps Thompson. Not enough size, not enough depth, and not enough talent, and far too many fumbles for a top 10 team. Maybe we will get a WR or two off the transfer portal or maybe our copious tight ends will make up for our WRs.

      Here’s hoping.

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      Tony (admin)

      I’m guessing we will run more in 2019 and run blocking is easier than pass protection.

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        Ute Fan

        Bam Bam likes to run block.

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      Ute Fan

      IMHO..Oline will be fine with Harding. He will coach up the current group and Ludwig will provide a good game plan.

      I have very low expectations for the WR group. Mainly because they seem to be poorly coached. I don’t know why Holliday does not catch more heat. WR recruiting and play has been horrible. Utah gets noticed as a team with top QBs returning and ends up with one highly rated WR who likely won’t even academically qualify.

      Utah struggled last year against teams with athletic DBs. The current group of Ennis, Covey (injury?), Simpkins and Dixon are more than capable and talented. I don’t know what to think of Thompson and the other new guys. I would just put Nacua in on run plays to block or bulk him up to play TE, he’s too slow for the P12 as a WR. Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      Mediocre Oline?? Vast over exaggeration on that. 

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      Ute Fan

      The issue isnt the starting talent at OL. The issue is depth. Last year was much better than mediocre (Shelley would NOT have won the last 3 games with a mediocre O line). This year one injury could very well make a good group mediocre.

      At WR its a bit of both. Dixon and Enis both contributed as freshmen folks. With reasonable coaching we should see them become legitimate threats to take some heat off Covey. But again, whats behind them is unproven and you cant have the same 3 guys on the field every play.

      It will take a fantastic defense and some injury luck for us to make a run this year. Even with our softer schedule.

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