How healthy do you think Britain Covey is?

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        Ute Fan

        Seems to me Covey has never been as explosive as his first year when (1) he was 100% and (2) no one really knew about him or took him seriously (Michigan). Every season since he’s never been as quick due a lot, I’m sure, to lagging injuries.

        I remember Brian Johnson’s last year, he too showed tons of promise as a freshman only to be hobbled by injuries the next few seasons. His senior season I wasn’t expecting much, and then…!

        Do you think we’ll ever see the old (prior, not age) Covey we know and love?

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        Ute Fan

        Doesn’t it take a year of playing with a repaired ACL before you regain your prior athleticism? If so, perhaps Covey regains his prior abilities.  What was BJ’s injury? Was it an ACL or other?

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        Ute Fan

        Here is my first thought: Whitt is talking about having one of the best ST’s in the country with Covey returning punts. That is great news. 

        I am only going to talk about football here, not anythig to do with how a mission has helped Covey overall, BUT as a football move, it was a terrible decision. 

        He had a great freshman year. Had he stayed home, he would have worked on his body all winter/summer and been prepped for a great sophomore year. 

        Instead he went on a mission. Came home light, went right into playing, got hurt. Spent all offseason rehabbing and not working on his body and got hurt again. Again, spent all offseason rehabbing and not working on his body and couldn’t do it and redshirted. 

        The good news is he has FINALLY worked on his body to get it ready for football at this level. He has never had the chance to do that. That is extra mass so it hurts less when he gets hit. Extra mass to keep you on your feet. Extra muscle to help with the reflexes. 

        I honestly believe we will see the best Covey we have ever seen. He has his body right. He has a system that will highlight his strengths. And most importantly, HE HAS TALENT AROUND HIM. 

        When he was a freshman and then again his sophomore year, he was the main threat. Everyone gameplanned for him and beat him up. NOW? Bryan Thompson is a better WR than Covey is. Kuithe is as good of a threat as Covey. The RB’s are a real threat in many ways. IF they gang up on Covey like they did his sophomore year, we will kill teams with the talent around him. 

        We will ask Covey to do less, but when he does things, he will have more space than he has had before AND his body will be better prepared to be successful.

        I think Covey has a monster year for us. Maybe not stat wise, but big play wise. And I don’t think he gets hurt with the reduced load, he stays healthy, gets his body in even better shape and in 2021 he is an absolute monster. He will be a star in 2021. 

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          Ute Fan

          Hans talked about this on his show today. If B. Thompson and S. Enis are able to demand attention of opposing safeties and our RBs demand attention of the linebackers coupled with attention on Kuithe, Covey is going to have a TON of space to do what he does best.

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          Ute Fan

          Great take, Utah, as always.

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          Ute Fan

          In Game 1 last year, you could tell he was 75% at best. I wish they would have red shirted at the beginning of the year. Rehab him more and work on his body. And came in with a strong last 4 games of the year. That would have prepped him to have a phenomenal year this year. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

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          Has covey built up muscle? What’s his weight?

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        Ute Fan

        Still one of my favorite highlight videos ever.

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          Ute Fan


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          Ute Fan


          Covey makes the defenses look like Keystone Cops!

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        Ute Fan

        Great response re missions. Some in the media have treated missions as an advantage because people get to mature more, but Utah is right–that is two years of no training. Many come back and never recover. It makes planning the depth chart way more complicated too.

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          Ute Fan

          Yes…and no. Missions hurt with athleticism but help with size. A mission can be advantageous with the OL/DL. 

          Not right off the mission but to have a 25 yo OL…I remember Asiata, Bolles, etc. That dad strength and size is real. 

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