Huntley back for bowl game?

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    Whit says theres a good chance hes back for bowl game.  Good news.  I think Shelley will be a very good qb but hes not at THs level yet.  Huntley a much better passer right now and the offense was putting up 40+ with him in.  

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    Depends on the bowl game.  Would love to see everyone healthy enough to take some snaps but feeling plenty of love for the guys who just won us 3 great games in a row.

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    How much you wanna bet Shelley’s performance has “accelerated “ Tyler’s recuperation?  Good. That’s the way it should be. That said, take the time you need Tyler. Rushing it will not help you or the team. 

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      Amen to this. Tyler’s thoughts should be on the bowl game in 2019…I mean 2020. 

      If he can play in this year’s bowl game, great! But if it’s questionable, get ready for next year. We need him 100% next time we play BYU. 

      Next year, we are playing for all the marbles. 8 games in the state of Utah, the easy cross division schedule, new QB’s at UW, ASU, Colorado and possibly UCLA and USC. 

      Next year will be the best shot we have at greatness. 

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    its odd, because I think you can make the case that Shelley was both oustanding and subpar on Saturday night.  He played lights out against Colorado.  

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      He cashed in on the RedZone TT didn’t play to his strengths in the first half. Hard to take much away from the TDS game other than it was a cool comeback from him. 

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    Shelley deserves to play in the bowl game regardless of whether Huntley is ready to play. Shelley saved the season. 

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      How did shelley save the season? Not being critical, but utah had won 4 straight and were making a big push against asu until he went out.  You make it sound like Huntley was awful.

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        I’m not convinced Huntley could have won the last three games without Moss. In my opinion, Shelley is a better player. He makes smarter decisions and doesn’t turn the ball over. 

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          I’d like more data on him, but so far… I’m a Shelly lean.

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    Only way I want Huntley playing in the bowl game is if he starts practicing with the team right after the P12CCG. No way Shelley gets majority with 1’s and then Huntley plays.

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    Hal Evans
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    I’ll bet my car that Shelly starts the bowl game


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