I do not have a problem (zero problem whatsoever) with the basketball transfers

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      Ute Fan

      What DOES p**s me off re: our basketball coach is that the offensive philosophy is and always has been flaming hot garbage.

      I don’t know if any of you remember what things were like when he took over and our team was full of division II players? I remember. His entire strategy was to have the players pass it around the perimeter and waste as much time as possible before throwing up a contested shot (sound familiar?). It was awful to watch, but I assumed we did it because we were so devoid of any talent whatsoever and he wanted to keep games at least respectable while also conserving energy for defensive effort.

      Well, fast forward however many years and guess what our offensive philosophy is? Pass the ball around the perimeter until the clock runs out, then jack up contested shots. We, for the umpteenth time, do not have a single guard on the team that can penetrate and finish in traffic. Gach can, but he’s hurt, and often reluctant to do so for some crazy reason. Jones can get into the paint but finishing once he gets there is not an option.

      The way the college game is called today the way to win is to have bruising, athletic guards that can force their way into the paint and get to the free throw line. We have had ZERO of those in the current coach’s entire tenure.

      I digress… My point is, IDGAFF about the transfers. Not one of those dudes would have made us a tourney team this year. What I do GAF about is our anemic and outdated offensive philosophy. Its like he knows we can’t win, so he’s just back to running as much time off the clock as possible. If that is a result of players not having confidence to pull the trigger when open, rather than an actual offensive philosophy, then this needs to be addressed. 

      The ball needs to get into the paint so we can either score, get to the line, or get a kick out for an open shot. This can be done by a dribble drive, or a pass into the post. Either way, this sort of action is what makes the perimeter passes work. Get it inside, kick it out, swing the ball, open shot EVERY TIME down the court. That is how you beat zone defenses, plain and simple. There is NO OTHER WAY to do it. This is basketball 101.

      We have guys to make this work. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why it isn’t happening. Are we afraid to turn the ball over? Please give us a coach that knows how to get his players to run an offensive system that doesn’t suck assandballsack please!!!!

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t hold back! Tell us how you really feel??

      lol….I agree with what you’re saying. If things don’t change drastically after next year with all the talent we’ll have then yes we need a new coach and direction. 

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      Ute Fan

      God help us all when the football team takes a nose dive, Chinngis will pull out the freshly forged scimitar and heads will really roll!

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