I gotta give credit to UW and Auburn.

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      Playing a top 10 opponent to start the season  That takes some balls.  Good for them.  It was a good game.  UW blew some red zone opportunities in the second half.  Auburn’s front 7 was very tough and Gaskens could not get unleashed all day.

      I wish Utah would improve their pre-season schedule.  If we are going to play an FCS team – I wish we would also play a top P5 team too.  I like the fact that UCLA and USC never play FCS teams.  I know we have a tough conference schedule.  But, we need some exposure outside our conference IMO.


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      Ute Fan

      Credit noted but Auburn might lose a game later in the year because of it. Washington better lose on the 15Th and then win out. 

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        Ute Fan

        You mean “win out until the Pac-12 Championship Game”??

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        I think Washington’s Stanford game is a guaranteed loss. 10 straight games and have to end in Stanford? That’s almost impossible to win. 

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      I watched this game, and I would’ve had a heart attack multiple times if I were a real fan of either team. i think both can walk away with heads held high. That said, I think UW kinda blew it. questionable play calls in the RZ and at the very end. Also, wth is up with their kicker recruiting? Isn’t this an ongoing trend with them that they don’t get elite kickers? With Matt Gay, they win this game. That deficiency is going to lose them 1-2 more games. 

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      With Las Vegas building an NFL stadium, do you think an SEC team ever comes west for a neutral field game that isn’t in their back yard?

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