I would do everything we possibly can to get an elite transfer WR and or TE

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      Our team would be sooooo much better if we had even 1 wide receiver that was capable of taking over a game. Vele has been fine, but the fact that he is our best WR since Carrington is ludicrous. I don’t care if they are a slot receiver, a deep threat… whatever, just a WR that is capable of winning 1 on 1 matchups every single time.

      If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy with another Kuithe kind of tight end, that presents matchup problems all over the field.

      The WRs and tight ends currently on the roster are not it. Parks is decent, but he drops waaaay too many balls. Other than parks, have any of our future WRs even caught a pass this year?

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      Ute Fan

      Not sure if Cope ever caught anything thrown to him. We are supposed to have a transfer from Syracuse.

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      Ute Dub
      Ute Fan

      I thought Britain Covey was better than Vele.

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        Ute Fan

        that’s true, but he’s not really a traditional WR type either. I just want a dominant WR who can go out and get a catch when we need. Have we EVER had someone like that? Carrington was pretty close, but he also wasn’t much of a deep threat.

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        Ute Fan

        Peak Covey was uncoverable. Best option was to play zone and hope the QB would hang him out to dry so you could break him at the catch. But, not a no. 1 receiver. He provided a very overlapping utility with Kuithe, in that they both primarily attacked the same part of the field, albeit in different ways.

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