*If* we win how far do we move up in the rankings?

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        Tacoma Ute
        Ute Fan

        I’m guessing we’d leap to about 9. Even higher if we win big.

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        Tony (admin)

        Depends on other games but I would say we would be #10. Big if though.

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        Ute Bc
        Ute Fan

        If we win I would see us in the TOP 10, depends a little on the “style” of the win…  More people will be seeing this game because of the time, Gameday and network.  

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        It it’s a close win, which I think would be the only way Utah wins, then I think the highest we go is 11.  

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        Riot West
        Ute Fan

        We won’t jump that high. Might move two spots and still be ranked lower than Washington.

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        High Uintas
        Ute Fan

        If we win, most voters will immediately say, “I told you the PAC-12 is a mess.” They would not get the same treatment as 2 top Big Ten or ACC teams get. But there is hope the CFP committee would treat Utah very well as they have in the past.

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        Ute Fan

        Key word is probably “resume”.  Who did Washington beat in comparison to who Utah beat?

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