Importance of style points?

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      I didn’t see all of the ND-Louisville game.  What I saw was a ND that was lucky to walk away with the win they did.  Louisville a 2-10 team last year made some dumb mistakes but were not outclassed in the game and ND never really looked dominant.   ND won by 18 points.  Utah, won by 18 points and looked completely dominant.  I thought about how quickly the score becomes more important than the eye test as too many data points from games begin to become overwhelming.   

      National Rankings matter in recruiting.  As the game ND game finished with the same spread as the Holy Skirmish I thought maybe kneeling down to end the game rather than getting and additional TD may have hurt us in the long run.

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      I agree with this. I wish Kyle had punched it in and then gone for 2.

      Kyle is a classy guy and won’t do stuff like that, but Utah has bigger fish to fry than keeping Kalani from feeling butthurt.

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        Kyle won’t do it to Sitake. If it were the guy from Wyoming, you can bet he would have punched it in. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have done it to Bronco Mendenhall or the last coach from ASU. I forget his name atm.

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      So this comes back to the debate of points and what national writers read.
      Utah left a lot of points on the field. I love personally the insult of punching it in and going up 37-12. I think there was a two minute drill for TDS at that point so I agree with Whitt don’t risk injury preventing TDS scoring again.
      What sucks is the National voters want to see a huge blowout and get all excited. Most of them didn’t watch the game because of the time slot and delay. So throwing up a few more points would have been good. But I still agree with victory formation because it is honestly my favorite play in football in the fourth. Obviously when your own team does it.

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        Writers get that rivalries are tricky.  That said, Utah still scored twice as many points.  They can nit pick but I don’t see too much negative coming from looking the first game of the season that turns out like this.

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      Classy move by Whitt. Y friends in my neighborhood were impressed and even a few on the fence are wanting to jump on the U bandwagon. Act will pay dividends down the road. See how Sitake reacted to Huntley’s “poo-poo” comment? Classy move by Sitake. Neither coach wants to stoke the fire of hatred between the fan bases. More important than the spread. The Y knows it got beat like a drum…

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        Definitely a good example to trot out next time some zoobish fan tries to say the Utes are “classless”.  Its one of their go-to comments that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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        You call it classy i call it soft… borderline stupid when margin of victory could mean the sentence of a playoff birth or a 2 loss Alabama getting in.

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      I don’t think recruits pay attention to minutiae like that unless we’re in competition with that particular school for their commitment. National rankings are approaching irrelevance as well, as they are overridden by the CFP committee. Only thing that matters to them so far is the P5 record. Style points have not mattered yet, and Utah has been favorably ranked by them every year except 2017 while lacking in style. I’m actually happy we didn’t win with style. We ran around 10 different offensive plays and still beat the hell out of them. That’s my kind of victory.

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        Good points.  Recruits will see a double the score win, they will see 2 pick sixes, they will see Moss’ 180~ rushing yards, they will see Bernard transfering here and having a game…  I’m sure they are more about headline stuff and how they feel about the team than tearing through the lesser details.


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