In now way am I predicting this, but if, by some miracle, we win the Pac12

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      Ute Fan

      Tournament (won’t happen but hear me out) and make it to the big dance, how does that change your view of Krystkowiak?

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      Ute Fan

      Hypothetically that would be amazing. You never know 3 point teams could suddenly get hot. March Madness is on!!

      Utah is stuck with him for a while so I am done complaining. Perspective wise maybe it is the best Utah can have. He does run a clean program Kuzma thing notwithstanding. 

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        Ute Fan

        I would be much happier.

        Yes, Coach K will be the coach at Utah for the near term regardless. I think the positive aspect of that is that recruits will know that, too. Also, the fact that he is a top 10 paid coach should be a selling point to recruits in that it shows that Utah is willing to pay top dollar for coaching and facilities (just not top dollar for players, ahem, Arizona). It has been a rough stretch the past few years, but if Utah were to win the Pac12, I think I would be very forgiving to Coach K. The future looks promising with the young talent and recruits on the horizon… I think we are all just feeling the effects of a rough few years.

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          Ute Fan

          The statement I have about that recruiting tactic is most top 100 kids just want to know what they will be making. Truth. 

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      Ute Fan

      It wouldn’t change much for me, but I’m still in the “Support LK” camp. I’ve had my grievances with him, but generally believe he can bring the kind of success that fans would hope for. Which has made a lot of what has gone on the last three seasons kind of head scratching.

      So, while I support him, I’m increasingly feeling like he needs to make hay the next two years.

      And, overall, the issues he needs to fix are recruiting w/in the zone that Utah can land (don’t bring in sub-par talent just because they’ll say yes, and don’t shoot for the stars and whiff with no backup). It seems like in the last couple of recruiting cycles he’s gotten better at that.

      And he needs to schedule smarter. Some folks have make compelling cases that better scheduling would have gotten us in the Tourney one or two more times recently.

      So, if we get hot and win the P12 tourney, then it will feel more like a pleasant surprise. For sure, I wouldn’t be disappointed, but it would not do much of anything to cure any ills the program suffers at the moment.

      Let’s hope next year begins the start of a nice fun for a few years.

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      Puget Ute
      Ute Fan

      Kind of unrelated, but I hope that UW tanks the final game just to get a 2nd team in  the tournament.  The PAC-12 is just so terrible this year but I can still hold out hope.

      An argument can be made that Gonzaga tanked that game last night (and they certainly played like it), but getting that 2nd team in the Dance for the WCC is a huge deal.

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