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      Ute Fan

      I was browsing around the internet trying to see if there are any new leads on how Puka might be leaning, and I found this old Des News article:



      Some really interesting points in there. Seems like a great kid. As a Ute fan, I love the fact that out of all of his brothers, he’s the tightest with Samson and it clearly hasn’t been lost on him that to play D1 college football with your brother is a unique opportunity. I also loved the quote where he talks about how cool it would be to line up such that Samson is the wideout on one side and Puka is on the other. I hope Holliday is reminding Puka constantly about how special that would be. I have to think Samson’s still trying to recruit his brother too. 

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      Pace Manyung
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      Crystal Ball on 247 has changed once again for Puka…. sounds like a real crap shoot

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        Ute Fan

        He’s not coming to Utah. Oregon or UW.

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          Ute Fan

          That is how I read the change in status on 247Sports. Sounds like Puka and his mother are in converstation over where it would be best for him to go to school. I know he lost his father, so his mother right now has his full attention. Based on my read, Puka wants to leave Happy Valley, even the State of Utah to play football. Certainly, he is talented enough to go just about anywhere he wants. Right now his recruiting footprint is the Pac-12.

          My uninformed take is that he will go to either Oregon or Washington. Of all the options on the table for Puka, USC (and likely UCLA while I’m surprised that the poster below indicated that this is mom’s preferred destination) is not where his family wants him to go. Why, more to do with Los Angeles that anything else. Again, that is simply an uninformed take.

          I would be surprised if he went to BYU. I would be surprised yet delighted if he went to Utah. I mean, Utah could use a WR with his level of talent. He would be an instant star, in my opinion. But alas, I expect him to go to an Oregon or Washington school, mostly because they are away from home, and both are really good programs.



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      Ute Fan

      His mom wants him to stay home. Obviously she will support whatever decesion he makes but we will see. I think Utah has as good a chance as Oregon and UW. If he hasnt committed there yet there’s a reason. I think he is really considering the U along with those other schools. Those who don’t want to get there hopes up I understand but as ONLYU out it and everytihg i’VE READ AND heard it’s 50/50 UTAH or oregon/UW/USC etc. He may end up leaving but it will come down to the wire. Utah has as good as any chance to get him.

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        Ute Fan

        Mom wants UCLA. I’ll be shocked if it’s Utah 

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      McBride of Frankenstein
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      The thing about Puka is he has never seemed like he wants to come to Utah.  If he changed his mind, it would be a huge bonus.  To each their own.  The thing I wish I could tell him, but would come across as a dick fan “atting” him on twitter is also: the Utah team that wins the Rosebowl will live forever.  Doing it with you brother is even well beyond that.  A lifetime memory that is burned in your brain.

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        Ute Fan

        Agreed…getting to do anything on this level with your brother is priceless. Unfortunately, often we don’t realize that until later in life. Same goes for family getting to watch their child play. Crimson goggle view of course.

        IMHO, going to UofU, UW, or Oregon is a wash in terms of what is best for a NFL draft pick. I get it, UO and UW are higher ranked programs on paper. Players are players, difference is negligible considering Puka will slide right into the rotation with Samson, Covey, Ennis, and whoever from the others can run good routes and catch the damn ball.

        Utah’s offensive stituation is on the up swing with Ludwig and the solid QB players. Moss coming back and Wilmore signing are great statements about the culture of the team.  Truly comes down to what is the best fit for him.  

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      Ute Fan

      Wherever he goes, I wish him the best. If he has a chance to be a top pick, All-Pro out of Washington or Oregon, by all means go. Perhaps I don’t have confidence that our program is able to churn out top WRs. And we still have super talented dudes waiting in the wings like Enis.


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