Is Mique Juarez coming to Utah?

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      Here’s a tweet:

      Didn’t he have to quit because of concussions?

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      I thought he was up in the air about coming back to UCLA this year. The tweet sounds weird. I wouldn’t think he wo8ld be graduating this year but maybe next.

      He’s a talented kid, I’m just not sure if his head is right.

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      It seems he’s going to grad transfer. Very interesting. Hope he is OK, and works out.

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      If he comes, I really hope our trainers/doctors take good care of him (as I’m sure they do with all of our athletes). But his track record of concussions is scary. Wish him all the best in whatever happens.

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      One of the biggest reasons I love Utah involves their ability to develop players, as we can see in the numerous examples who have made it to the League without much of a recruiting pedigree pre-Utah. In recent years, we’ve seen a DT transfer to USC to get playing time. If all plays out like it should, we currently have a top DB recruit who will be able to show how top talent can not only make it to the league, but also get national recognition while doing it. Knowing that’s the type of program we are speaking with here is enough to get one excited by itself, but if our guys can resurrect the career of a 5 Star athlete like Juarez, what does that do for future classes? Has there ever been an example of this happening previously? It feels significant.


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