It is critical that Utah keeps winning every year until CFB’s reorg is completed

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      Obviously, as fans, we want Utah to keep winning every year because we are fans and want our team to win. That’s a given. However, beyond that, CFB is reorganizing into a semi-pro league that is going to take (likely) another decade+ until the ACC GOR expires in 2036 (assuming there is no way for teams to get out of it now).

      I’m confident when all is said or done there is no more Big10 or SEC or Big12 (or if they do exist they will not have the power teams).  We will ultimately end up with one conference (league) with a commissioner and collective bargaining for players (with a players union). That league will likely be between the 40 and 60 schools that are the most valuable. Today, Utah would make that league, but we don’t have the brand or broad fan appeal like blue bloods. It is our winning culture and consistency that has put us there (thank heavens for Kyle). 

      However, all that could go away if we start losing and become irrelevant again. Just look at Arizona or Minnesota or Illinois. All three could probably be included in such a league (and may still) but because they aren’t really relevant in CFB, they could be left on the outside looking in. Continued winning is the only way we survive the next decade. 

      Kyle is retiring sometime in the next 5 years. It is immensely critical that we hire the right coach that will keep us relevant. Whomever we hire it has to be a home run. If the AD gets that hire wrong, we are in a world of hurt. 

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      Ute Fan

      What will be, will be. Enjoy the ride and cheer on our Utes wherever we end up or end.

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      Ute Fan

      I want to agree with what you’re saying, but I just can’t. Winning football games doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. It is 100% about money, specifically how many television sets your school brings.

      Higher education is in a world of hurt right now. The financial model has failed and is at a breaking point. Costs are skyrocketing and government funding is not. They can’t raise tuition a whole lot more because they’re already at the level where college is almost no longer a good investment. Schools are looking at every other possible source for income (athletic revenue, licensing patents, etc.).

      I worked at the U for several years up until very recently. Our bosses talked to us about this ALL THE TIME. Almost every university in the country is in dire straits. Without these outside revenue sources, I would guess that a significant number of major universities around the country would become insolvent.

      So yes, Illinois may suck hind tit when it comes to sports, and they may suck hind tit forever, but they will always be in the P2. Why? Because they bring in a lot of money from the Chicagoland area. That’s all that matters any more.

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        Ute Fan

        For Utah, specifically though, winning is critical for Utah. It’s all about perception for the Utes who are right on the cusp of being in or out. Our market is good not great. Our academics are solid, not great or unique. We increase our value by being an intriguing match up because we have a winning culture. Winning is not the end all be all, but it would it is important for Utah (not important, for instance, for Colorado who has the Denver market).

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