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      If you haven’t heard the KALL 700 interview with Josh Grant yesterday I encourage you to listen. I was one of those pounding my chest about firing the coach. That interview Josh Grant’s observations really changed or at least toned back my vigor for condemning the coach. I wasn’t ever at practices and my only interaction was watching the team from my seats at the Hunty and a single conversation I had with Larry early on in his tenure while he and I watched our boys play in an AAU tournament. However, Josh points out a part of the game that has changed and makes me think perhaps my anxiousness to replace him may have been a little over the top. That issue is the transfer portal and what it’s done to the game. I see it in my own kids at times. That’s the eagerness to just run when you’re challenged. Josh talked about Majerus and though he changed as he got older, would really struggle if his old players had had the option to run when he was hard on them. So I understand why the change was made but my opinion will be colored a little differently. Again I don’t know all the behind the scenes but I’ve been around enough prima donas in my life to guess that some of those kids I crucified Larry for losing were likely just soft kids that when pushed decided I’m going to go where it’s easier. 

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      Other coaches/programs have successfully navigated the transfer portal changes and ‘soft’ kids. It’s not like it was a problem for one year. It’s been what, 5 years?

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      They just released a new season of “Last Chance U” on Netflix, but this time it’s centered around East L.A. college.  Man, what an eye-opener.  They have a 5-star player that couldn’t cut it at Penn State and ended up at this small college.  His lack of ability to cope is stunning.  I keep thinking that he wouldn’t last 20 minutes at a Majerus practice.  I can’t even imagine the pressures on these college coaches.  That’s part of the reason they are compensated like they are… it’s brutal.  

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      to be a devils advocate. But every coach deals with the transfer portal. Ok football and basketball. Look at Whitt. He has acknowledged that it is now part of college sports. He has lost some guys but has brought many in who will contribute immediately. I don’t think it’s fair that we aren’t allowed to stat facts about Larry did or did not too. It’s very clear that he lost many to the portal and was not successful in bringing others in to replace them other than Justin Bibbons.

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        I actually disagree with most of what has been said about transfers being a net negative for the program. Very few of the transfers had any sort of success after leaving. Daniels, Mawien, Tillman and that’s pretty much it. Larry has had his fair share of transfers out of the program but don’t forget all the great transfers that he brought in as well. Delon, Rawson, Bonam, Barfield, Plummer, Bibbins, etc. Even Charles Jones was the juco player of the year before transferring to Utah. He never worked out but that was a big recruiting get at the time. At the end of the day it comes down to the direction of the program and it seems as though it had stalled out a bit. I just don’t think the transfers are as big of a deal as everyone makes them out to be.

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      Larry’s transfer problems go all the way back to his first season as our coach, long before the Transfer Portal became a thing in 2018.

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      The old school coaching philosophy is dead.  Coaches need to have a firm grasp on psychology as much as coaching basketball.  Think Phil Jackson.

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      This. That was Larry’s problem. He was stuck in the old school. The game has changed. Adapt or leave kinda a scenario.

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      I’ll check it out thanks.

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      Ute Fan

      Really good interview. Also thought it was interesting that Josh Grant said Alex Jensen would be his top choice for head coach and that Harlan should reach out to him. It sounded like earlier in the interview that Josh is friends with Jensen, so maybe there is a small chance Jensen could be interested. Seems Josh might know if Jensen had no interest whatsoever in a college job. But all just guesses on my part.

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