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      Double B
      Ute Fan

      Ok, I’m a big lacrosse fan, but the U’s men’s lax team sucks….. The women are fantastic. I wish we would treat more of these obscure sports like we did gymnastics/skiing. This is a missed opportunity as the coaching staff doesn’t recruit at all. I mean, I don’t even think they attend local games. I doubt anyone on this board cares but me, lol. oh well….

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      I think you’re right. 🙂

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      Wilson’s Mustache
      Ute Fan

      Men’s Lacrosse will never take off at the U. Not enough high school kids play it in Utah, Utah isn’t in a region that that has a lot of recruiting talent, it doesn’t make any money & is very expensive plus Utah will never be a “traditional” lacrosse school.

      Utah lucked out with being one of the first schools to jump on the collegiate womens gymnastics train. Utah IS a traditional power in gymnastics.

      And don’t say “Denver” because they are absolutely the exception to the rule.

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      Ute Fan

      I’m good friends with the coach and they are expected to have the biggest team they have ever had this year. It’s difficult without scholarships, but their tryout for “walkons” (players not guaranteed a jersey) was bigger than their team has been in the past. Give it time, more kids are playing, which p**ses me off because I’m a soccer guy and our club soccer team is abysmal.

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      Riot West
      Ute Fan

      I know a high school kid in Indiana that’s very interested in lacrosse. I was trying to pimp the team but know nothing about it. I see that there is a semi-functional website. If this kid is half-way decent, what chances are there for him to make the team?

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      Double B
      Ute Fan

      Fortunately for your friend, his chances are very good (100%). This is the problem though, the Utes don’t recruit at all. Utah high school lacrosse is very good when you consider it is a state of just 2 million. It is comparable to Texas and better than every Western state except Colorado and California. The great kids go to a varsity program back east (can’t compete with this as Utah can’t offer scholarships) but good kids go to Westminster (great program) or out of state. No one with any skill in the state considers Utah as an option since they suck so bad (lost to UVU and Utah State last year). Need to find a head coach that is just motivated to get off his ass and make a few phone calls and we could at least be an MCLA powerhouse…..

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        Ute Fan

        One of the biggest difference between gymnastics/skiing and lacrosse teams is that the former are a part of the athletics department and the latter (along with the hockey team, men’s soccer and others) are not. In fact, IIRC, club teams are overseen by the campus recreation department.

        Maybe I’m missing something but I think it would be very difficult to recruit for a club sport. The only chance for scholarships is for some wealthy lacrosse fan to decide he wants to help out those who choose to play lacrosse at the school and even then, it has to be approved by the campus rec department.

        Club sports, in general, face a pretty tough situation. They are unlikely to be brought into the athletic department unless they have a high level of support/success (and there is a women’s team to join them), but they are unlikely to get a high level of support/success without the backing of the athletic department. It seems rare that a club sport at a school is able to make that transition. I know that hockey at ASU recently made that move but I don’t know of any other examples.

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