Larry can still coach a….

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      Ute Fan

      ….mean d.  I liked how we clamped down when they were on pace for an 80-burger.  He does good things there.  And in many other aspects of the game.

      I just hate his offense.  

      It’s a bit better than last years hot garbage with better spacing for guys to work but:

      It’s clear Ian Martinez has a different athletic gear.  Why can’t we uncork him with some space?

      also, Rylan is a point guard extraordinaire.  Why can’t we space it so he can get into the teeth of the defense in the paint and distribute?  He’d be so efficient.

      And why do we so often look like we’re not playing offense like a cohesive unit?  On the same page with each other?

      Don’t hate the result on the road against a good team but…  this team like last year just seems like it should be destined for so much more.

      Can’t k just appoint an offensive coordinator?



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      Ute Fan

      Good game.  Going on the road is still hard even without fans.  The offense is missing a center that can score in the teens every night.  The offense is just what I would expect with that missing item.

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        Ute Fan

        K’s offense is absolutely predicated on having a boss center. And I Carlson still. But your right that we need that guy and don’t have it.

        But we do have boss wings and point guards.

        How about coach installs an offense that has a both gach/Ian Martinez type player in mind, and a Rylan Jones in mind rather then Jakob poetl

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      Ute Fan

      How much longer will he be the coach at Utah? If they don’t make the NCAAs this year is he gone?

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        Ute Fan

        Unfortunately not. He’s locked in until 2023 with a ridiculous buyout that we’d never pay to get rid of him. We’re stuck with Larry.

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        Ute Fan

        June 30, 2023 is the last day of his current contract. Buyout is $3mm per year and pro rata for any partial years. $7.5mm buyout today.

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      Ute Fan

      Let’s pray he coaches this year and next and then can be bought out for his final year. So maybe only two more years of this bullsh**. It’s the same show every year for Larry who either doesn’t care or hasn’t progressed since utah most to Gonzaga in the tournament. Either way the results are not acceptable.

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