Like Christmas morning

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      I now recall how it feels to be a kid waiting for your parents to get out of bed on Christmas morning. Just start the game already…

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      I’ve had several Christmas mornings lately. Refied the house and took out some cash, new paver patio, it’s beautiful, finished about a month ago. Repainted the house, looks beautiful. But we are finishing our basement, been in process for about 6 weeks. Everything is done, but last night when we went to put the TV mount up for my brand new 75″ TV the power plug was in the place we needed to put the mount, so we are getting a new mount. Oh, and I put in a 7.1 in wall/ceiling speaker system, with a 12″ subwoofer. Going to be rocking. Just not tonight.

      Tonight, no Utah game on my 75″ TV. Bummer, but I’m still happy to see my UTES.

      GO UTES!!!!


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      Ute Fan

      And just like that, Santa took a giant steaming dump in your stocking

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