NCAA Basketball

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      Maybe I am being a little reactionary but I watch some of the highlights from the NCAA tourney.

      First one was a big block by Oregon that lead to a fast break dunk on the other end. Oregon guy dunking takes like seven steps on his way to the hole.

      Second I seen the Maryland technical for the hanging on the rim when he was just slowing his momentum using the rim. That wasn’t the bad call it was the double dribble on the way in.

      Villanova killer crossover that broke ankles. Holy s**t carry??

      Also watching Utah play Cal that frosh player had a hard time dribbling the ball without traveling he is going to be a top four pick or something. I guess what I am getting at is why even have refs anymore?? They stink and don’t even call the game correctly.

      Basketball stinks I miss the glory days.

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      I remember that Cal player, yes. It seems like it’s becoming the mini NBA.


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